Coping with Divorce: Building a Divorce Support Team


Going through a divorce or even thinking about one is very complicated. It's a confusing time and you can't go at it alone. In the beginning, you probably don't know where to turn to tackle all the complexities of taking a marriage apart.


While you are dealing with significant emotional upheaval, you must work to create a strategy to protect your financial stability and personal health and happiness. Step #1 in your plan must be building a divorce support team.


Family law attorney. It's essential to work with an attorney experienced in family law. The best resource is a practice where a large percentage of their work is devoted to divorce and child custody cases. Be proactive and interview the attorney. You can ask any and all questions including fee structure and the firm's track record of settlement and court outcomes. Sense how you would work together. This relationship must be built on trust and confidence.


Mediator. A mediator can help a couple resolve issues and reach an agreement, which is then reviewed by the divorce attorney. Both spouses must be willing to work together in order for mediation to work.


Divorce financial planner. Look for a finance professional with specific expertise in the process of divorce, including asset protection strategies and financial planning. This expert will work closely with your divorce attorney.


Counselor or therapist. There is no shame in admitting that you need help to work through your emotions. Reach out for a qualified professional to help you understand and cope with your feelings.


Social support. Ask family members and close friends to help you cope with loss and for practical assistance with children and work responsibilities. Those individuals who have been through divorce can be helpful as can church and other community support groups.


In building your team, you may find these divorce and child custody resources from the state of New Jersey helpful.

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