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Some of the most complicated aspects of a divorce are financial, as you and your spouse must divide both the assets and the debts accumulated during your marriage. All income will be assessed to determine any alimony and child support. It's a complicated and often antagonistic process.

Your attorney needs as much documentation as possible and it's never too early to start gathering your records. The following checklist can help you not only identify necessary documents but may also remind you of assets and liabilities that you may not have considered:

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  • Wills and trust agreements
  • Financial statements for all businesses including income and net worth
  • Federal, state and local income tax records - personal and business - for the last 5 years
  • Banking and credit union statements for personal and business accounts including money market, CDs and retirement accounts
  • All income information since your last tax return such as pay stubs, dividends, interest and rent
  • Broker statements for accounts held individually, jointly or as trustee
  • Records of all stock options whether exercised or not
  • Stock, mutual fund and bond certificates
  • Current statements from pension, deferred compensation, profit sharing, stock option or retirement plans
  • Loan applications in the last 5 years
  • Debt documentation including mortgage, personal loans, credit cards, vehicle and others
  • Life insurance policies with current cash values
  • Copies of all insurance policies such as health, disability, motor vehicle, accident and property
  • Content list of safe deposit boxes
  • Evidence pertaining to real property that you individually or jointly have an interest in including mortgages, notes, lease and purchase agreements as well as any property owned prior to the marriage
  • Documents for all vehicle ownership
  • Documents, insurance policies, appraisals and invoices for personal property like jewelry, art, furs, antiques, collections and furniture as well as personal property owned prior to the marriage
  • Charge account statements for 5 years
  • Employment records with wages, commissions, bonuses and fringe benefits
  • Membership in country clubs, private clubs or health clubs for the last 5 years
  • Any personal injury awards, judgments and pleadings in which you were involved

Note that this list is only a partial list of documents that are commonly needed in many divorce cases. There may be other assets, income or debts that should be considered based on your individual circumstances. 

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