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The Fourth of July is right around the corner! Across the country we will be celebrating the 241st anniversary of our independence. You may not realize it, but our traditional fireworks displays began in 1777, one year after the Declaration of Independence was signed, when 13 rockets were shot off in Philadelphia - one for each of our original states! 

Regrettably, along with our fireworks tradition comes careless and illegal use of these devices. During 2015, 11,900 people were treated for fireworks-related injuries in emergency rooms and 11 individuals were killed. Prime time of course for fireworks-related injury and death in the U.S. is the Fourth of July - 8,000 of 2015's injuries occurred in the 2 weeks before and after our holiday. (Data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission CPSC) 

These potent pyrotechnics can cause severe damage to people and property. Common injuries include burns, especially to the hands and fingers, eyes, face and head. Other serious injuries can include permanent loss of eyesight, fingers, hands, arms and legs. 

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Always Obey State and Local Laws When Buying and Using Fireworks

 Fireworks are regulated on several levels. Federal law prohibits the sale of the most dangerous fireworks to consumers including M-80s, aerial bombs and cherry bombs. 

New Jersey is one of 3 states (along with Delaware and Massachusetts) that bans all consumer fireworks. It's illegal to sell, purchase, possess or use fireworks in our state. This includes firecrackers, Roman candles and bottle rockets. Novelty items like trick matches, champagne poppers and pops and snaps are prohibited. Even sparklers are illegal - these burn at temperatures as high as 2,000° F! 

Violators charged with possessing or using fireworks face up to 30 days in prison and/or a fine that can be as high as $500. The penalties are much heftier for those charged with selling fireworks - up to 18 months in prison and/or a fine up to $7,500. 

Although New Jersey residents can legally buy fireworks in Pennsylvania and New York, where allowed, it's not a good idea - bringing fireworks over the state lines is illegal! 

Enjoy Fireworks at Professional Displays 

Be safe and smart this holiday and throughout the summer by celebrating at a nearby public professional fireworks display only! Here are some local events that you will enjoy: 

Livingston 4th of July Celebration - July 4

 Essex County Summer Music and Fireworks Schedule

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