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Two people on a motorcycle were killed recently in Mannington Township. The motorcycle, which had the right of way on Welchville Road, was hit by a car that had stopped at the Acton Road intersection but then pulled into the road in front of the bike. The driver of the car allegedly did not see the motorcycle entering the intersection

Why Don't Motorists See Motorcycles in Traffic?

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Many motorcycle accidents occur because the driver of the other vehicle doesn't see the motorcyclist.

Drivers tend to watch for other cars and trucks, but motorcycles can be easy to miss. Bikes have a low profile, can change course unexpectedly and come on quickly. They change lanes more often than cars in order to avoid road hazards that a car can drive right over.

Another problem is one of judgment. A motorist may misjudge the distance and speed of an oncoming motorcycle. Also, because a motorcycle is so much smaller than other vehicles, it can appear to be further away than it really is. Because of this size differential, sometimes car and truck drivers subconsciously ignore motorcycles.

Motorists: Be extra vigilant and watch for motorcycles in all traffic situations. Share the road responsibly with motorcycles to avoid a tragedy that can be prevented.

6 Ways To Increase the Visibility of Your Motorcycle

  • Get a brightly-colored ride. The next time you upgrade, choose a motorcycle in a bright color. This will greatly increase the chance you'll be noticed on the road.
  • Wear high-visibility safety gear. Choose a jacket and helmet in high-visibility colors like neon yellow, orange or green.
  • Add reflective tape. Stick it on the front of the forks, on top of a tall windscreen and around wheel rims.
  • Tap your brakes. Use your brake lights as a wake-up call for drivers behind you - rapid taps will call attention to your presence.
  • Avoid blind spots. Don't linger in the area around a car's back seat or behind. Pass the car quickly and keep a buffer zone around your bike.
  • Add more lights to front and back. These enhance add to your visibility at night and also help you see better.

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