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The expansion to the New Jersey Paid Family Leave Program that we wrote about in July has been vetoed by Governor Chris Christie. 

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The Governor stated on July 21st in his conditional veto message that the bill would be too burdensome for small businesses and that it would cause the working citizens of New Jersey to pay more taxes. The bill had already passed both houses of the Legislature in votes that were split along party lines. 

In New Jersey, a conditional veto is one in which the Governor objects to parts of the bill and proposes amendments that would make it acceptable. The bill may be presented once more to the Governor for signature if the Legislature makes the recommended amendments and re-enacts the bill. Christie's amendment recommendations include focusing resources to ensure that workers become aware of the benefits that are already available.  

New Jersey's Business Community Voiced Opposition to the Enhancements 

The bill to expand the existing New Jersey Family Leave Program was greatly resisted by our state's business community including the New Jersey Business and Industry Association. Opposition to the bill was based on its projected operational cost increase, especially for small businesses that have few employees, and that it would make New Jersey a less competitive business environment with its neighbors. 

Program expansion elements in the rejected bill included: 

  • An increase in the maximum number of benefit weeks from 6 to 12,
  • Provision for intermittent leave for bonding with a newborn or adopted child,
  • Doubling of intermittent leave from 42 to 84 days,
  • Expanding the weekly cap from the current $633 to up to $932,
  • Extending the definition of qualified family members who may receive benefits to siblings, grandparents, grandchildren and parents-in-law.

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