Divorce and Social Media: Avoid These Mistakes


Divorce is stressful and complex, and it's good to talk through your feelings with trusted family members and friends. But sharing very personal details with hundreds of your social media contacts may not be in your best interests.

If you are in the middle of a divorce - or even contemplating divorce - don't make these social media mistakes:

  • Work out a social media strategy with your spouse, especially on timing. Decide how and when to address changing your relationship status on social media. Remember, it's not a race and others may be involved too like your vulnerable children.
  • Increase your social media security. Review your privacy settings and change them to keep your information private. Make sure that photos can't be added by others. Don't add any new friends that you don't know personally. Your ex-spouse may have people checking up on you and your activities through social media.
  • Don't force family and friends to take sides by condemning your spouse online. You'll only create more tension among yourselves and your contacts.
  • Remember that internet posts and updates are virtually forever. Don't share details that you wouldn't want to go viral. Even if it's just for self-serving purposes, for instance when you are applying for that new job.
  • Consider how postings and photos will look when negotiating your custody agreement or settlement. Social media is used more and more as evidence in divorce and other legal cases. So refrain from posting photos of your latest shopping spree or guys night out.
  • Don't post anything before or after a court appearance. Make sure that any posts would look appropriate in front of a judge. Don't comment on the judge, either attorney or the court process.
  • Refrain from snooping around your ex's social media sites. It's healthier to move forward with your life rather than staying stuck in the past by spending time focused on your spouse.
  • Avoid sending not-so disguised messages to your ex in the form of posts and photos of dates or measurements about how better off you are. Again, move on with your healing instead of trying to draw the attention of your spouse.

Keep in mind that anything you post may end up in front of a judge and perhaps viewed in a far different context than originally intended.

Take some time to review your online profiles and clean up anything that may jeopardize your settlement or custody arrangement.

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