What To Do After a Slip and Fall in a Retail Establishment

slip and fall

A slip and fall accident in a retail business is embarrassing but can also injure you, perhaps seriously. Many hazards can cause an unexpected fall - liquid spills, frayed carpeting, a loose handrail or something as simple as a hose left in an inconvenient spot. Before you know it, you are on the floor and in pain.

It's vital to take the right actions quickly. Most importantly of all, get emergency medical help by asking someone to call 911. Then follow these steps to recover physically and to protect your rights in the case of negligence:

  • Report your accident to an employee or to the facility manager. Fill out an incident report form so the retailer knows the details of the accident and so their insurance company cannot deny that the accident occurred. Get a copy of the report before leaving the premises, but do not sign it.
  • Don't make any statements to those on the scene, except for the police and emergency medical support. Avoid stating "I'm okay" because you don't really yet know the extent of your injuries. You may experience symptoms after time has passed and your adrenaline has worn off.
  • If you are able, take photos of the hazard that caused you to fall as well as the entire scene. Write down witness names and their contact information. Check with the business to see if a video camera may have a record of your accident. Videos may only be kept for a limited period of time so get a copy for yourself.
  • If you don't require emergency medical treatment, at least go to an emergency room or visit your own doctor as soon as you can. Some injuries won't heal properly without treatment and delaying medical care may make your injuries worse. If you don't seek medical help quickly, the retail establishment's insurance company may argue that you are not seriously injured.
  • Keep all related documentation including the copy of the accident report and medical bills, lab tests and receipts for medication. Track your missed work days and lost wages along with other expenses like taxi fares to doctor appointments.
  • Consult an attorney experienced in premises liability cases who will assess your evidence to determine if you have a case, conduct an investigation and get you the compensation that you and your family deserve.

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