Kearny Home Invasion and Sex Assault


Last month, 3 men broke into a woman's home in Kearny. They allegedly demanded money and then bound her and covered her face before 2 of them sexually assaulted her. The attackers reportedly threatened her with a gun and then left with her car. Appallingly, the woman's young child was present during this horrific assault.

The 3 co-defendants face a range of charges for the December 22nd attack including aggravated sexual assault, kidnapping, robbery, burglary, conspiracy and endangering the welfare of a child.

Court records indicate that one of the perpetrators previously knew the victim, and may have used his knowledge to gain access to the house.

More Than 1 Million Burglaries Each Year

The Department of Justice reports that more than 1 million burglaries occur each year with people in the home. Tragically, 27% of these home occupants become victims of a violent crime.

A home invasion is the illegal entry into someone's home, whether the occupant is present or not. The home invader has the intent to commit a crime, and the act usually involves some type of force.

Victims of Sexual Assault Suffer from Short and Long-Term Effects

Sexual assault or any type of sexual violence can have many physical, emotional and psychological effects on a victim.

One common effect is depression, when feelings of hopelessness and sadness persist for long periods and interrupt regular thought patterns. Depression can affect your behavior and your relationship with others. Survivors of violent acts may suffer from depression and it is a serious mental health condition - not something you can snap out of at will.

Sexual assault victims may also have recurrent flashbacks where they feel that the trauma is taking place in the current moment. They may fear that the perpetrator is physically present.

Just like military personnel can suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), so can those who are victims of sexual violence. PTSD is an anxiety disorder that can affect survivors of any type of trauma, including sexual assault. Victims may experience extreme feelings of stress, fear, anxiety and nervousness, making it difficult to function in everyday life.

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We Can Help If You Have Been a Victim of Sexual Assault

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