The Kavanaugh Appointment: Ripple Effects Felt in New Jersey


The nomination, hearings and investigation of Brett Kavanaugh before his appointment as Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court galvanized and polarized the nation. 

Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault in high school by one woman and of sexual misconduct by two additional accusers. The Senate vote approving his nomination to the Court was by the narrowest margin in more than 130 years, with 50-yes and 48-no.

New Jersey Sexual Abuse Agencies Ramping Up Victim Support

As fallout from the nomination process and subsequent appointment, the New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault and other state agencies have ramped up their outreach and communication services to reach victims. 

Support groups have taken the advantage of the events’ publicity to share sexual abuse and domestic violence 24-hotlines on social media. Safe + Sound Somerset, an organization offering safe house and transitional housing among other services for victims of domestic abuse, confirmed that its related Facebook posting reached more than twice as many readers as is normal.

Hearings Triggered Suppressed Feelings

Many survivors of sexual assault have come forward to again revisit and discuss their experiences at this time. 

Even victims who were assaulted many years ago found that the stories expressed at the hearings and also on subsequent social media postings trigger memories and emotions from their own experiences.  

Many women identified with the questioning process and the shame that comes along with making a sexual abuse or domestic violence complaint. 

Kristin Cantwell, Director of Development and Communications for Safe + Sound Somerset, summarized how the Kavanaugh hearings have highlighted the issues for survivors in a article: “On the side of the survivors … people are left really feeling disempowered. They are feeling abandoned, unworthy and so it’s really bringing out a lot of issues that retraumatize people.”

Resources for Victims

If you or a family member needs help, call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at (800) 656-HOPE or the New Jersey Statewide Hotline at (800) 601-7200.

Visit the New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault website for information on resources in your county.

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