McDonald’s Workers Stage One-Day #MeToo Strike


Last week, hundreds of McDonald’s restaurants’ workers staged a one-day strike to protest sexual harassment on the job.

The rallying slogan of “#MeToo McDonald’s” was chanted and carried high on placards outside the company’s Chicago headquarters as well as at franchise restaurants in 10 cities across 7 states. Hundreds of cashiers and cooks walked out on their jobs to demand more respect in the workplace, better manager training and more accountability.

10 McDonald’s employees have recently filed harassment charges against the company. Attorneys have asked the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to consolidate these complaints with 17 earlier complaints that were filed in 2016.

“I’m Not on the Menu”

In the restaurant industry, men hold most managerial jobs while women make up the greater part of lower status and lower paid positions. It comes down to a power difference and an environment where sexual harassment is ignored or tolerated. More vulnerable employees may be fearful of losing their jobs if they make a complaint.

A 2016 survey conducted by Hart Research Associates revealed that 40% of women in the fast-food industry reported experiencing sexual harassment at work. While most of the survey participants tried to avoid their harasser, fewer than half of them reported the problem to their employer.

The harassment most often occurs as sexual jokes, teasing, questions or remarks; unwanted touching or hugging; unsolicited information about sexual interests.

A non-profit group Equal Rights Advocates is sponsoring the McDonald’s strike and providing legal support. The group reports that striking workers want the company to form a committee to address sexual harassment and that the committee should include both corporate and franchise store representatives along with the workers themselves and leaders of national women’s groups.

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