New Jersey’s “Week of Respect” Highlights Diverse Anti-Bullying Activities


New Jersey’s Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights calls for an annual “Week of Respect” during the first week of October. Schools use this period to teach about harassment and intimidation to help students be more aware of the causes and effects of bullying.


This year, schools in our area rose to the occasion. Here is a sample of just a few of this year’s “Week of Respect” activities:


Dianne Grossman Speaks at Bloomfield Middle School


Grossman’s 12-year old daughter committed suicide in their home last year after relentless bullying by her classmates. Students and parents were moved by Grossman’s description of her daughter’s last days and death.


Grossman focused on children’s addiction to social media. She cited national surveys as well as federal data that found a strong correlation between the growth of teen use of smartphones and a steep rise in serious mental health issues. Grossman also cautioned parents to teach their children to be humanitarians and avoid a “not my child” attitude.


The family created the nonprofit “Mallory’s Army” to encourage kindness and prevent bullying. The organization uses blue wristbands to promote awareness of and action about the effects of bullying.


Newark Police Officers Visit Schools To Spread Anti-Bullying Messages


In conjunction with the Newark Department of Public Safety, police and school resource officers made student presentations in 14 Newark schools to spread the message of prevention and safety in bullying and intimidation policies. 


The officers discussed cyberbullying which often goes unnoticed by teachers and parents because it is more subtle than physical bullying. Their goal is to empower students to recognize and report bullying wherever they see it, online or otherwise. 


Jets center Jonotthan Harrison Visits Linden School No. 5


Many students and staff wore Jets green to welcome this special guest to their school. Harrison shared his experiences of being bullied as a child. Some attendees were surprised that anyone this large and strong could be the victim of a bully, but Harrison was picked on as a child because he was larger than other students. 


Harrison’s visit was part of the “Jets Tackle Bullying” program. The program selects one student at this Linden school every week to be the “Upstander of the Week” for standing up against bullying and treating everyone with respect. Each Upstander receives an autographed football, tickets to a Jets game and a tee shirt. 


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