New Jersey Youth Tennis Instructor Indicted for Sexual Assault


In yet another case of sexual assault against youth, a New Jersey youth tennis instructor has been indicted on charges of both sexual assault and child pornography.

An investigation of the 26-year old instructor began last year after a 13-year old student accused him of sexual misconduct. Police found child pornography on one of the accused's electronic devices and evidence of improper contact with additional juveniles. The instructor has been hit with multiple charges of sexual assault, pornography, stalking and endangering the welfare of a child, among others.

Youth Sexual Assault in Sports

Sexual assault in sports is often perpetrated by a person of trust such as a coach, trainer or other team members. Parents and guardians must watch for "red flag" behaviors that cross appropriate coach-athlete boundaries and may indicate signs of sexual abuse:

  • Touching children in ways that are not related to training.
  • Devoting time to private practice sessions that are one on one.
  • Relating inappropriate, sexually-focused stories or jokes to youth.
  • Singling out a child for gifts or special attention.
  • Commenting on children's bodies or appearances when not applicable to the sport.

How To Discuss Sexual Misconduct With Your Child

Teach children at an early age about boundaries and what is inappropriate. This will help give them the power to speak up when something is wrong.

  • Talk about parts of the body that are private and should not be touched by others. Make sure that you are present when a healthcare professional examines the child.
  • Stress to your child that it's okay to say "No" for touches or situations that make them uncomfortable.
  • Let your child know that they can always talk to you, even if pressed to keep a secret, and that it's all right to tell you if they see an adult touching another child.
  • Reassure them that they will not get in trouble for reporting inappropriate behaviors.

For older children and teens, talk more directly about sexual assault and dangerous situations. Today's media articles in the news or on social media can be great conversation starters. Speak about sexual assault and how a seemingly innocent situation may lead to trouble - for example, date rape drugs slipped into a can of soda.

Above all, always make time for your child or teen. Take the time to listen with undivided attention and take their concerns seriously. Be a safe place for your child to share information and assure them that they won't be punished.

Let Us Know If You Have Been a Victim of a Sexual Assault

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