Wrong-Way Driving: A Tragedy Waiting To Happen


A bizarre wrong-way accident on Route 17 in Rutherford has left a man and his 28-year old daughter with severe injuries.

While traveling south, the victim's car was struck head-on by another car that had jumped the concrete divider from the northbound lane.

According to police, the wrong-way driver was in possession of heroin and has been charged with fourth-degree assault by auto and third-degree possession of a controlled dangerous substance. She was also ticketed for reckless driving, driving on the wrong side of a divided highway and possession of a controlled dangerous substance in a vehicle.

Wrong-Way Accidents Cause Serious Injuries and Fatalities

Although wrong-way accidents occur in only 3% of those occurring on high-speed, divided highways, they usually result in head-on crashes and so cause fatalities and serious accidents more frequently than other accidents. (National Transportation Safety Board report). 

The same NTSB report found that 60% of fatal wrong-way accidents involve an alcohol-impaired driver. 78% of wrong-way crashes occur in the dark, possibly because of reduced visibility, intoxication or driver fatigue. Vehicles that end up going the wrong way on a highway often enter via an exit ramp, which may indicate inexperience with the road or insufficient signage.

Can Wrong-Way Accidents Be Prevented?

It's important to continue fighting against drunk driving because alcohol is involved in so many wrong-way crashes. New Jersey DUI laws are harsh and can include jail time, fines, community service and license revocation. An ignition interlock device may be required even after the first offense. These devices will prevent the car from being started unless the driver's breath sample does not exceed the legal limit.

New technology can help too. Innovative tools such as special LED wrong-way signs on highway ramps that detect wrong-way drivers, send photographs of the drivers to police and alert other motorists.

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