Eric Schneiderman: New York Attorney General’s Fall from Grace


Another high-profile public figure has been accused of violence against women. According to an article in The New Yorker, four women have accused Eric Schneiderman, New York Attorney General, of physical abuse during romantic encounters, and that they were also verbally threatened and abused.

Schneiderman quickly resigned his office within hours, although at this time he describes the encounters as “consensual” and “role-playing.” New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has requested a special prosecutor to investigate the criminal allegations.

Schneiderman Had Built His Reputation as a Fighter Against Gender Violence

It’s a stunning turnaround for a political figure who built his career as a supporter of women’s rights, especially for those who are victims of domestic and sexual violence

Schneiderman recently introduced a lawsuit against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and his former studio, accusing them of breaking New York law by failing to protect employees from sexual harassmentdiscrimination and intimidation. The lawsuit, which delayed the sale of the Weinstein Company, aimed to ensure that victims will be compensated when the sale does occur. At that time, the former Attorney General described Weinstein’s actions as “despicable.”

Public Figure vs. Private Actions

But Schneiderman’s public persona as a proponent of the #MeToo movement allegedly contrasts with his private behaviors. 

The four women – including a blogger and activist, an author and an attorney – accused Schneiderman of repeatedly and violently choking, hitting and slapping them, all without their consent. These allegations were supported by photos of bruises and wounds as well as statements from friends in whom the women had confided after the attacks.

But publicly, Schneiderman appears to have been a powerful voice against sexual violence. One of his successes was last year’s settlement with a hospital that had been illegally billing rape victims for exams. The Brooklyn hospital must provide full restitution those sexual assault survivors who were improperly billed.

Ironically, Schneiderman co-authored a law that made choking a person a crime of its own, stating that “The Senate cannot turn a blind eye to an act of domestic violence.” 

The results of the investigation will determine Schneiderman’s fate as the special prosecutor digs into both the criminal allegations and whether any staff or office resources were used to facilitate the alleged abusive liaisons.

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