Man Sexually Assaults Child He Met via Kik Messaging

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Kik is a community chat application for users to message each other, chat in groups or connect with brands. The app has memes, videos, photos and emojis without the stress of having that “perfect” profile for others to judge. Kik also has a built-in web browser and lots of fun games too.

Teens love Kik, which is available with just a free download. A user must enter a first and last name, a unique username, a password and email address. A date of birth is necessary too, and anyone under age 13 is unable to register. Email addresses and birthdates are not public.

Kik is very popular and, according to the company, is the mobile chat app of choice for up to 40% of U.S. teens. But just because it appeals to youngsters as young as age 13 doesn’t mean that it is necessarily safer than other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

New Jersey Man Arrested for Sexual Assault of Juvenile He Met on Kik

A 20-year old man from Marlboro, New Jersey traveled to Loudoun, Virginia to meet up with a young juvenile that he had met on the Kik messenger app. At the meeting, he sexually assaulted the youngster. Some of the acts were captured on video by the alleged perpetrator, which was revealed the day after the assault when the victim filed a complaint.

The alleged perpetrator was caught with the help of the videotape and has been charged with 2 counts of carnal knowledge, 2 counts of production of child pornography, indecent liberties with a child and online solicitation of a minor.

The age and gender of the child have not yet been revealed.

Social Media Offers Anonymity To Sexual Predators

Kik and other social media platforms can unfortunately allow and propagate inappropriate sexual content and behavior. A sexual predator can hide his or her name, location, age and gender and so ensnare innocent and vulnerable teens and tweens. 

Put safety first when allowing your child access to social messaging and the Internet. Even within Kik there are applications that may not be age appropriate. Although access to Kik is available to those age 13 and up, it may be appropriate only for older teens and young adults as it is so easy to connect with strangers. 

You can read about safety features for Kik and other social media sites here.

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