New Jersey Priest Sexual Abuse Lawsuit Settled


Sexual misconduct in the form of sexual abuserape and sexual assault appears to be pervasive in our society, especially with the continuing revelations of campaigns such as #MeToo.

But the actions against children by those in positions of trust seem to be particularly heinous. Charges of sexual abuse against priests, ministers or deacons, whether acting in religious observances or as teachers, mentors or coaches, continue to be leveled against these most trusted individuals.

Delbarton School Settles 5 Lawsuits of Alleged Sexual Abuse by Monks

Recently, the Delbarton School in Morris Township settled 5 out of 11 sexual abuse lawsuits against the Order of St. Benedict and St. Mary’s Abbey. Details of the settlements have not been disclosed.

One of the priests at the center of 8 of the lawsuits has allegedly admitted to having sexual encounters with 50 male minors of approximately age 13.

The abuse took place between 1968 and 1984 while the victims, 10 men and 1 woman, were students at Delbarton and at St. Elizabeth of Hungary in Linden. One of the accused priests even became headmaster of the school years after allegedly committing the sexual abuse acts.

At least one of the complainants was subject to “a nightmare of intimidation” after filing a complaint against St. Mary’s. 

Sexual Abuse Acts Against Minors Committed by Assailants Known to the Child

According to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN), a child is sexually assaulted in the U.S. every 8 minutes! Most of the perpetrators – 93%! – are known by the child. Many of these are responsible for the child’s care or in a position of trust such as a family member, clergy, teacher or coach.

Those who suffered sexual abuse as a child may experience both short- and long-term effects including:

  • Guilt and shame. The abuse was not your fault! You are not accountable for the harm but the person who hurt you is.
  • Issues with relationships and intimacy. Many victims first experience sexual acts as abuse and later can struggle with intimacy including painful flashbacks. 
  • Self-esteem. If you are struggling with low self-esteem, it may be because you were violated or from receiving negative messages from your abuser.

Let our experienced attorneys fight to protect the rights of New Jersey children who have been sexually abused. We will hold the perpetrators accountable on your behalf for their shameful conduct. 

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