Survey Places the U.S. as 10th Most Dangerous Country for Women


The U.S. has just been ranked among the 10 most dangerous countries in the world for women. Our country has the dubious honor of being the only Western nation to be named as one of the worst guarantors of female rights and safety.

To put this in perspective: There are 195 countries in the world today. So the U.S. is in the top – or bottom – 5% of countries in the world where women are most at risk. The survey of 500 experts on women’s issues, completed by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, considered where women were most at risk and ranked countries in the 6 key areas of:

  • Health care
  • Sexual violence
  • Non-sexual violence
  • Cultural practices
  • Discrimination
  • Human trafficking

The other 9 nations in the top 10 were in Asia, the Middle East or Africa. 

The Foundation reported that the U.S. #10 ranking is directly related to the #MeToo movement, the 2017 media and social media drive that revealed sexual assault and sexual harassment allegations against many high-profile individuals.

U.S. Ranking Driven by the Prevalence of Sexual and Non-Sexual Violence

Although the U.S. did not rank among the 10 worst countries for women’s health care, discrimination, dangerous cultural traditions or human trafficking, its placement in sexual and non-sexual violence categories ensured an overall #10 ranking in the survey.

Incredibly, our country was ranked third along with Syria for the danger of sexual violence including rape, coercion into sex, sexual harassment and the lack of access to justice in sexual assault cases. The survey results reported war-torn Afghanistan in second place.

The U.S. was ranked sixth in non-sexual violence, a category that includes forms of domestic abuse, both physical and mental, along with conflict-related violence.

#1 in almost all categories is India including forced marriage and cultural traditions that impact women such as acid attacks, female genital mutilation, child marriage and physical abuse.

The Foundation noted that the large number of women alleging sexual misconduct via #MeToo since last October is the reason that the U.S. appears on the top 10 list.

What the Numbers Mean

The bottom line is that the United States, a democracy and one of the richest countries in the world that is ranked #8 in terms of education, still has a long way to go for women’s safety. Efforts must continue to bring perpetrators of sexual misconduct of all kinds to justice. 

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