The Big Hits Keep Coming: Weinstein and Spacey


In the last week, two of the biggest names who have been accused of multiple sexual assault charges were again in the spotlight with more allegations.

Weinstein Charged with Sexual Misconduct of Third Woman

Harvey Weinstein, disgraced movie producer whose predatory behavior kicked off the viral #MeToo movement, has been indicted by a New York grand jury. Weinstein has been charged with another count of criminal sexual act in the first degree for a 2006 forcible sexual act against a woman as well as 2 counts of predatory sexual assault. The latter charge comes with a maximum sentence of life imprisonment.

Weinstein is currently under arrest for various sexual misconduct charges for incidents involving 2 separate women, but is out on bail. As of this writing, his lawyer states that Weinstein will plead not guilty to all charges as he believed that the acts were consensual.

More Sexual Assault Allegations Leveled Against Kevin Spacey

Across the pond, actor Kevin Spacey has been hit with 3 new sexual assault allegations dating from 2013, 2008 and 1996. This brings the total open Scotland Yard investigations of Spacey to 6.

However, there have been at least 18 allegations brought against Spacey to date. Most of his alleged victims, all of whom are male, were in contact with him through some type of show business connection. Spacey was the artistic director at London’s Old Vic theater for 11 years and many of the complaints came from that relationship as well as from Netflix productions.

As prosecutors and investigators build their cases against both of these men, more victims may come forward in these exceedingly heinous accusations.

Victims of Sexual Assault May Suffer Physical, Psychological and Emotional Effects

Besides the physical trauma suffered in a sexual assault, victims may experience many psychological and emotional effects including:

  • Depression
  • Flashbacks
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Incidents of self-harm
  • Sexually-transmitted infection
  • Substance abuse
  • Eating disorders
  • Pregnancy
  • Sleep disorders
  • Suicide

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