Drunk Truck Driver Leaves the Scene of Franklin Township Accident


Recently, a drunk driver caused a perfect storm of multiple accidents as well as driving charges in Franklin Township.

The water tanker driver, who has been charged with driving while intoxicated, turned the truck so sharply that it overturned. The truck accident caused a discharge of diesel fuel. 

But this accident wasn’t over yet. Because of the overturned truck in the road, a stopped vehicle in the roadway triggered a related 3-vehicle car crash.

The drunk driver fled the scene but was soon after picked up by police. He has been charged with driving while intoxicated, leaving the scene of a motor vehicle accident, operating a vehicle while on the suspended list, failing to report a motor vehicle crash and operating a vehicle while unlicensed. 

Leaving the Scene of an Accident Is Illegal

One of the most common reasons for a driver to leave the scene of an accident is because he or she is impaired with alcohol or drugs. Other hit and run drivers panic and leave the scene, while some leave because either their driver’s license or car registration is problematic or because they are uninsured.

According to New Jersey law, a driver must immediately stop and remain at the scene of an accident. To leave the scene puts you in jeopardy of a “hit and run” charge. If found guilty, you may face hefty fines, jail time and/or license suspension.

In the Franklin Township accident, not only was the driver allegedly driving drunk, but he left the scene of an accident in which he was involved andalso was operating the truck with a suspended license. Thankfully, this disgraceful and irresponsible operation of a motor vehicle resulted in only minor injuries.

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