US Gymnastics Team Sexual Assault Charges Continue

Two years ago, an investigation revealed incomplete reporting by the executives of USA Gymnastics of sexual abuse allegations. But even two years later, allegations of sexual misconduct still arise against a former coach.

USA Gymnastics forced the coach to resign two months ago, but now at least four individuals have come forward with accusations of misconduct. The former coach has denied any wrongdoing in the complaint which includes flirtatious communications and touching.

The additional complaints are being investigated by law enforcement after being filed from the U.S. Center for SafeSport in October.

Athlete and Employee Voices Most Recent Complaint

The most recent complaint involved an athlete who also worked full-time at the gym to pay for the gymnastics training. The allegations against her personal coach involved an invitation to the Karolyi Ranch and behavior including rubbing her sore muscles in a way that made her feel uncomfortable.

The victim felt helpless to refuse his advances because the individual was her personal coach as well as the national coach who would select the team for World competition – and her boss. As evidence, she produced text messages with troublesome remarks.

The victim has since quit her job as a coach at the gym and also quit the sport. Supporters characterize her change in job status as a “forced retirement.”

After receiving the athlete’s complaint, the coach was asked to resign by USA Gymnastics and was prevented from traveling with the team to the World Championships in Russia. He later was placed on administrative leave and is prohibited from coaching any organization recognized by the U.S. Olympic Committee until the investigation is finished.

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