Like Us Prize-Winning Anti-Bullying Film Created by Jersey City Students

Jersey City students, working in an extracurricular arts program organized by parents, created a prize-winning anti-bullying film. Like Us is the story of five characters who endure bullying from their peers.

Facing taunts and ridicule because of their identities, the group competes together for an interdisciplinary competition. Coming together, the students work to overcome their fears while helping one of their own. The theme of belonging resonates with students everywhere who face bullying.

The students depicted in the film are bullied for several identity matters such as being homeless or non-binary (a person whose gender identity can’t be categorized as exclusively male or female).

The 9-month project involved more than 80 students in writing, acting and producing the film which was filmed at 6 locations in Jersey City. Those involved in the project aim to show Like Us to schools in New Jersey and around the country to help aid anti-bullying efforts.

Like Us Wins Two awards at Golden Door International Film Festival

Like Us was screened at the New Jersey Golden Door International Film Festival. Its enthusiastic audience was the largest ever for any film at that venue.

The film won two awards at the festival, including the award for best local film and best director of a short film. In addition to these wins, Like Us was also nominated for best film that raises awareness, best supporting actress in a short film and the New Jersey Filmmakers of tomorrow Award.

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