Could a Government Agency Be Liable for Your Car Accident?


Determining liability after a vehicle accident is often difficult and can be even more confusing if a government entity is to blame.

Most car accidents are caused by driver error, such as not obeying a traffic signal or texting while driving. Other causes include poor visibility, poor weather conditions, mechanical, or maintenance issues with the vehicle.

However, often, the design or maintenance of the road itself may be a hazard. Each road is designed, built, and maintained by some form of government agency, whether local, state or federal.

When an accident occurs on government property like a road, building, or sidewalk, the appropriate government agency may be held responsible in a personal injury case. Here are a few examples of road hazards that may be the responsibility of a government entity:

  • Traffic signal that is missing or not working correctly

  • Missing guardrails

  • Faded or missing crosswalks or other road markings

  • Improperly banked curves

  • Construction zones with inadequate warning or signage

  • Railroad crossing barriers that are not working or are missing

  • Visibility restrictions for signs or warnings due to overgrown vegetation

A private contractor that has been assigned the construction or maintenance of a road may also have legal liability for a related accident.

What To Do If You Are in an Accident that May Have Been Caused by a Road Hazard

Step 1: Be sure to report the hazard to the appropriate government authority even if the police have already filed an accident report.

Step 2: Call us for help with your personal liability case. Our experienced attorneys have the right experience in government liability cases to prove that a hazardous condition existed and that there was negligence on the part of the government entity that designed, built and/or maintained the road.

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