Sexual Misconduct Charges Catch Up with Placido Domingo after Decades


In another high-profile sexual misconduct case, opera mega-star Placido Domingo has been charged with sexually harassing multiple women over several decades. The allegations were made last August, and concern incidents that allegedly occurred beginning in the 1980s. The accusations include pressuring women into sexual relationships, and on occasion, professionally punishing women who had rebuffed his advances.

Domingo held top positions at many important venues such as opera companies. As the victims came forward expressing discomfort due to Domingo’s sexual advances, many individuals associated with this music world admitted that they had witnessed inappropriate and sexually-tinged behavior. These include voice teachers, backstage staff, orchestra musicians, dancers, singers, and an administrator. The press has characterized his reputation in terms of these alleged sexual advances as “an open secret” in the opera world.

The singer, while not admitting wrongdoing, stated that the claimants’ statements are inaccurate and that today’s rules and standards are different from those of the past.

It would be difficult to deny that the #MeToo movement has helped facilitate victims’ statements like those in which Domingo has been accused of sexual misconduct.

Fallout from Accusations Strips Away Placido Domingo’s Roles and Positions

The Metropolitan Opera of New York City has ended its relationship with Domingo because of the harassment accusations. The recent Macbeth production, in which the singer would play the lead role, had gone as far as dress rehearsals before management acknowledged other musicians’ concerns about the organization’s commitment to preventing sexual harassment.

Domingo also recently resigned his position as general director of the Los Angeles Opera and will not appear with that company. Other organizations such as the Philadelphia Orchestra and the San Francisco Opera have canceled his appearances so as to provide a safe workplace.

Last year, the Met fired conductor James Levine after an investigation turned up credible evidence that the conductor had engaged in sexually harassing and abusive conduct. His actions allegedly occurred both before and during the period when Levine worked at that company.

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