New York City’s Revised Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Law Has Broad Application


 Almost one year ago, the Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act was signed into law by Mayor Bill de Blasio. This comprehensive legal package addresses sexual harassment in the workplace. An important component of the legislation expanded the City Human Rights Law for gender-based harassment by increasing the statute of limitations from one to three years.

Beginning this month, all employees must receive annual training. All initial training must be completed by October 9, 2019. You can read a description of the training at the website. Employers must keep accurate records of all training including a signed employee statement acknowledging the training.

Another component of the law requires all NYC employers to display anti-sexual harassment rights and responsibilities notices. New hires must receive a fact sheet upon employment, which may be part of an employee handbook.

Could You Be Covered Under the NYC Sexual Harassment Law?

Frequently Asked Questions on the Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act are available at One question pertains to training requirements for employers who are based in NYC but also have employees who work outside of the city. Must these employees be trained also?

According to the FAQs, if a worker works a portion of their time in NYC or interacts with employees in NYC – even if based elsewhere – they must receive the training. For example, if you work in New Jersey but interact with NYC employees in your company, you should be trained also.

As you can guess, this information as it stands today may open up the group subject to training to many more individuals than just those who work in NYC. This requirement may imply that New York City employers must train all their workers regardless of their location.

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