Flight Attendants Claim Drugged Sexual Assault by Pilots: JetBlue Airlines Sued


A chance meet-up in Puerto Rico by JetBlue flight attendants and pilots ended with sexual assault of two of the flight attendants by one pilot, according to a lawsuit recently filed in a New York federal court.

The suit also accuses JetBlue of inaction after the incident was reported last year, soon after the alleged assault occurred. 

Three Women Drugged on a Flight Layover

The lawsuit alleges that three female flight attendants met up with two male pilots, then discovered that they all work for JetBlue. The men shared drinks with the women on the beach that the flight attendants claim were laced with a drug. The women became incapacitated from the drug and were taken to the pilots’ hotel.

At the hotel, one of the men allegedly raped one of the women while she was under the influence of the drug but was unable to react. He then raped the second flight attendant in the room.

Still ill the next morning from the drug, the flight attendants worked their return flight in the morning. One woman reported the rape at a hospital when she arrived home. She learned that she had been infected with human papillomavirus, allegedly as the result of the attack.

The two flight attendants who were sexually assaulted are seeking unspecified damages from JetBlue and the two pilots. The charges include aggravated sexual abuse, assault and battery, sex discrimination and civil rights violations.

JetBlue Inaction Results in Continued Contact between Plaintiff and Pilot

According to a recent article in The New York Times, one of the plaintiffs must still work flights with one of the defendants, creating what the lawsuit terms a “hostile work environment.”

As of now, representatives of JetBlue have declined to answer questions on the suit, but the company states that it “takes allegations of violent or inappropriate behavior very seriously and investigates such claims thoroughly.” The company may be investigating this matter thoroughly, but it has been 10 months since the alleged attack and apparently there has been no disciplinary action taken yet.

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