Put Safety First for Happy Fourth of July Fireworks


 Celebrating holidays with a fireworks display is one of our most treasured American traditions. With the Fourth of July, right around the corner, now is the perfect time to talk about fireworks safety.

The statistics are stunning – an average of 13,000 people in the U.S. are injured from fireworks-related accidents each year!  The most common injuries suffered include burns to the hands, fingers, and face. Many individuals lose their eyesight, and a fireworks accident may even cause limb amputation and disability.

Tragically, some people even die from these powerful pyrotechnics. Earlier this month, a young man died in Newark when a powerful firework that he was holding to his chest unexpectedly blew up. The man died of internal injuries.

Always Follow State and Local Laws for Fireworks Possession and Use

First of all, federal law prohibits the sale of cherry bombs, M-80s, and aerial bombs.

In New Jersey, handheld and ground-based sparklers, as well as certain novelty items like party poppers, snappers and “snakes” are legal for purchase and use for those who are age 16 and older.

However, any fireworks that produce explosions or shoot higher than 12 feet are not allowed. Other prohibited devices include bottle and sky rockets and Roman candles.

Note that certain municipalities may have additional restrictions on fireworks in our state.

If you do choose to have fireworks at your private celebration, use caution! Never allow children to handle them, and keep both children and pets far away from the devices. Make sure that a bucket of water is available, and thoroughly soak all firework litter after use.

Be Smart and Attend a Public Fireworks Celebration

Most fireworks shows are free, and these professional pyrotechnicians make safety a high priority.

You can find a list of year-round New Jersey fireworks shows here.

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