Can Instagram’s Artificial Intelligence Curb Online Bullying?


 Instagram’s latest effort to combat cyberbullying gives posters a second chance to take back words that may be hurtful.

The wildly popular social media platform has more than one billion active users, 90% of whom are under age 35. Instagram has been criticized for not doing enough to confront online bullying.

Artificial Intelligence Identifies Negative Comments

Instagram’s new feature uses artificial intelligence, or AI, to identify language that may be hurtful.

When a user posts a remark that the AI perceives to be unkind, Instagram will not share the comment right away. Instead, AI will insert a question that only the poster can see, reading, “Are you sure you want to post this?” At that point, the poster has the opportunity to change or delete the post.

In early tests, Instagram found that users did change the offensive post after they have had a chance to reflect.

In the end, it is still the user’s prerogative to post the comment. However, the new AI protocol allows time for a second thought.

Upcoming Instagram Change Will “Restrict” Comments on Users’ Profiles

Another anti-bullying feature from Instagram will help users control the comments that appear on their profile.

Named “Restrict,” the new process will allow users to preview comments before they are added to their page. Users can identify those who they do not want to have a comment – in other words, the bullies – and then set those accounts as restricted. The user can then review comments from any restricted account in advance and either approve it, delete it or leave it where only the restricted account can view it. 

The company confirms that these two steps are part of a longer plan to curb cyberbullying.

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