5 Myths about Slip and Fall Cases

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Most of us have experienced what is called a “slip and fall,” where you step on a slippery or damaged surface, lose your balance and fall. Personal injury cases involving these types of accidents legally fall under premises liability, where an injury is caused by a defective or unsafe condition on someone else’s property. You may also hear this type of case referred to as a “trip and fall.”

A slip and fall can happen anywhere there is a slippery walking surface; a surface that is uneven, broken or littered with debris; a stairway that is poorly lit or that has a broken step or handrail. A dangerous environment such as snow and ice that has not adequately been removed may cause a slip and fall accident, as can spilled liquids and standing water.

Top 5 Slip and Fall Claim Myths

Many individuals who have injured themselves in a fall are unsure of the next steps and probably receive well-intentioned but poor advice from family and friends. You may have heard many inaccurate statements about filing a slip and fall claim after an injury. Let us straighten out a few points for you. Here are the top 5 common myths about slip and fall lawsuits:

1.    You probably don’t have a case. After all, it is your responsibility to walk carefully and stay vertical on your own two feet? Not always – a New Jersey property owner must to take reasonable care of the property and make sure it is reasonably safe for passage. If there was negligence in maintaining the property, you have the right to make a slip and fall claim for your injuries.

2.    You can’t sue because there was a warning sign. Wrong! The presence of a sign does not prevent you from suing for your injuries, although it may be harder to prove owner negligence.

3.    Your claim can only be for physical injuries. Some slip and fall accidents are so severe that the injured party may suffer from psychological and social harm too.

4.    Making a quick settlement is a good idea. Not always. Although most personal injury cases are settled out of court, this may not be the best solution in your case. Don’t accept a quick settlement from an insurance company before the total picture of the extent of your injuries, your medical expenses, and lost wages is complete.

5.    You don’t need an attorney to sue. The property owner and the insurance company will have an experienced attorney working for them on your slip and fall case, so you should too. An attorney experienced in New Jersey slip and fall cases will fight for your rights and help maximize any settlement.

Don’t fall for these myths. Please contact us to learn how we can help you with your slip and fall claim.

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