8 Tips To Reduce Your Risk of Sexual Assault on Campus


As you send your college student off to school this fall, be sure to pack the correctly sized sheets and blankets, a laptop, and a shower caddy. But don’t forget the most important thing of all – an awareness of campus sexual assault and how she or he can reduce the risk of an attack.

According to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), 11.2% of all students experience sexual assault or rape through violence, physical force, or incapacitation. And more than half of college sexual assaults occur in the first few months of the fall semester.

Young adults heading off to college are often forming their sexual identities. They have significantly more freedom on campus than at home. Equip your child with both awareness and some safety tips before they fly out of the nest.

Tips To Lower Your Risk of Campus Sexual Assault

Importantly, locate and read your school’s policies and procedures on sexual assault, sexual harassment, dating violence, stalking, and domestic violence. Locate any resources that you may need and to which you can go for more information such as the security department and both on and off-campus counseling services.

Here are 8 tips to reduce your risk of sexual assault on and off-campus:

1.    In college, you will be meeting a lot of new people. Not all of these acquaintances can be trusted – make them earn your trust.

2.    Be prepared. Know where emergency phones are located and add the campus security number to your cellphone. Find the campus police station.

3.    Always be aware of your surroundings and those who are around you.

4.    Avoid walking around the campus alone, especially at night.

5.    Go with a group to parties and plan to leave together.

6.    Never leave your drink unattended, even if you go to the restroom. A drug with no odor, color, or taste may be added to your drink without your knowledge.

7.    Keep track of your alcoholic beverages and know your limit.

8.    It’s okay to use an excuse that isn’t exactly true to leave a situation in which you feel uncomfortable, pressured, or threatened.

 Read more about Staying Safe on Campus from RAINN.org.

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