New Jersey Address Confidentiality Program Expands To Include Victims of Sexual Assault and Stalking


Governor Murphy recently tightened the protection offered by New Jersey to victims of sexual assault and stalking.

The New Jersey Address Confidentiality Program became effective in January 1998. The Program assists victims of domestic violence who have relocated to keep batterers from finding their home addresses. These victims are allowed to use an alternate mailing address as protection against those offenders who use public records.

The recent action by Governor Murphy adds victims of sexual assault and stalking to the Address Program. This program protects victims by severely limiting a batterer, sexual assailant, or stalker’s ability to access information that may help identify a victim’s new location.

NJ Address Confidentiality Program

The Division on Women in the Department of Children and Families oversees the Address Confidentiality Program (ACP). In a recent year, the ACP served 270 domestic violence victims and more than 400 of their children.

This program has two components:

  • Substitute address. The program assigns each participant a substitute address that has no relation to the client’s actual location. Participants can use the substitute address when creating local and state government agencies records. First-class mail is forwarded to their real address. All state and local government agencies must accept the program substitute address.

  • Protected records. Upon request, the Address Confidentiality Program Protected Records program provides confidentiality for local and state government records.

The assailant does not have to be convicted of or charged with any criminal offense, or be the subject of a restraining order.

Applying for ACP Participation

New Jersey resident victims may apply for protection every four years.

Call ACP to apply at 1-877-218-9133. Help is also available from local victim assistance programs to help complete applications. Once approved, the program will issue an ACP authorization card.  

You can read more information about this program on the ACP website.

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