This Sexual Assault Victim Wants You To Know Her Name


It was a sensational story when Brock Turner, a student athlete at Stanford University, sexually assaulted a 22-year old intoxicated and unconscious woman in 2015. The victim, identified only as “Emily Doe” at the time, was rescued by two passing students.

Turner was found guilty of three counts of sexual assault which, in California, carried a maximum sentence of 14 years. The presiding judge, however, sentenced him to only six months in the county jail of which he served only three, plus three years of probation and registering as a sex offender. The perceived leniency of the sentence caused widespread public criticism with accusations of judicial bias for male, white, and class privilege. The judge was later recalled by California voters.

Impassioned Victim’s Statement

Emily Doe read a victim’s statement to the court at Turner’s 2016 sentencing hearing. Her revealing statement was both powerful and eloquent as she described in vivid detail her suffering and how the sexual assault had affected her life.

Her statement itemizes the probing questions that opposing attorneys asked her during the trial about her life and lifestyle, while in contrast the defendant’s athletic career was brought up repeatedly to picture him in a positive light. Who was the victim in the trial?

The statement was published online and had been read online more than 11 million times by the end of 2016. Glamour magazine named Doe their woman of the year for “changing the conversation about sexual assault forever.” At that time before the #MeToo movement gained speed, the Turner case influenced the California legislature to toughen up prison terms for convicted rapists.

Nameless No More: Emily Doe Reveals Her Name and Publishes an Account of Her Experience

Recently, after remaining anonymous to the public, the victim of the Turner attack revealed herself to be Chanel Miller. Miller has written a memoir called “Know My Name” in which she details the events of that night and how the attack and the trial had dehumanized her. Miller, now age 27, exhaustively researched the events of the night that she was assaulted, including reading transcripts of witness testimony that she was prohibited from hearing during the trial.

You can read a transcript of Miller’s victim statement here as published online by BuzzFeedNews.

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