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Bullying: by teachers, students, teammates, physical mental emotional, sexual, demeaning comments of a sexual nature… teachers won’t help, principals won’t help… well we can…

New Jersey has over 2500 public schools tasked with providing safe learning environments for almost 1.3 million students. Every single day millions of parents send their children to school expecting that they will be safe and free from violence and abuse. Unfortunately, many parents learn that their beloved children are not safe, and not free from abuse, while in the care of teachers and administrators they trust.

School bullying takes place every day in schools across New Jersey and the entire country. Bullying has become violent and abusive both emotionally and physically. Young children have been sexually assaulted by other students, gangs and cliques preying on individual students, and fights in classes that cause severe injuries. These events continue at times even after repeated reports of threats by parents and the children themselves. We have even handled cases wherein children have been repeatedly sexually abused by the same student on numerous occasions. These cases are a reality and cannot be tolerated.

New Jersey has adopted The New Jersey Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights. This act is an extension of the state’s original anti-bullying law, N.J.S.A.§ 18A:37-13, which was first enacted in 2002. The bill’s definition not only describes bullying as a harmful action towards another student, but as any act that infringes on a student’s rights at school. In addition to defining bullying more clearly, the new bill requires that every public school, including higher education institutions, report all cases of bullying or teasing to the state.

Even verbal reports must be given to principals on the day of an observed incident and a written report must be provided within two days. Families must be notified, as well as the superintendent of schools, and an investigation must take place within ten days of the incident. Also schools must also have a plan that outlines how they will address bullying and all teachers and administrators must be trained to identify and respond to bullying.

In addition to ensuring that schools are prepared to recognize and report bullying, the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights also takes steps to ensure that schools are creating a positive environment for students. These laws require that every school have an anti-bullying specialist and a school safety team. Individuals must work to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all students.

Being a victim of bullying may be difficult to detect in your child due to fear or embarrassment. Signs that your child may be a victim of bully behavior many be a sudden decline in grades, or reluctance to attend school, or an inappropriate worriedness about going to school. Effective communication with your child can be helpful in understanding what may be wrong. However, most importantly, recognizing that something is wrong and reporting it to your child's teacher and the school administrators may possibly help prevent future acts. Unfortunately, we have seen many cases of teachers, principals and administrators refusing to act in response to reports of bully behavior and abuse and the refusal has the potential to lead of physical violence, abuse and injuries.

If your child has been abused or injured because of school bullying can and will help. We represent families and students who have been injured at school by abusive and bullying behavior. We handle cases that involve serious injuries, both physical and mental. We implore you to contact us immediately to discuss the issues for which you are concerned. Any communication with us will be held in the utmost of confidence. We are cognizant that minors may be involved, and we are here to protect them and their identity when discussing your case with you.

How does the Foreman Law Group Stop Bullying?

When the school isn’t helping, we become your biggest advocate. In short, we are here to put a stop to it! We represent families and students who have been injured at school by abusive and bullying behavior, handling cases that involve serious injuries, both physical and mental. We implore you to contact us immediately to discuss any issues you’re concerned about. Any communication with us is held in strict confidence; we are firmly committed to protecting your child’s physcial well-being and his/her identity as well.

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