Law Offices Of Paul S. Foreman in New Jersey is here to support you in your child custody case


Foreman Law has extensive experience in child custody and visitation cases, and we deliver a unique combination of compassionate and tenacious representation. Before diving into the specifics of how we can help you with your case, here is some key background information pertaining child custody law in the state of New Jersey.


Child custody issues often come up between divorcing or unmarried parents. There are two distinct parts to child custody: “physical” and “legal.” The parent a child lives with has “physical” custody.

A parent with “legal custody,” still maintains the authority to make major decisions affecting a child’s life. While day-to-day decisions regarding a child’s activities are typically up to whichever parent the child is physically with during those activities, parents with legal custody are legally entitled to participate in decisions about things like where a child will go to school, whether or not a child will attend religious services, and when a child needs medical treatment.


New Jersey courts start with a policy favoring shared parental responsibility and frequent contact between a child and both parents. That said, they can divide physical and legal custody of a child between the parents in any way that serves the best interests of the child. They will consider factors that affect the child’s best interests, including, but not restricted to:

Law Offices Of Paul S. Foreman in New Jersey is here to support you in your child custody case
  • The parents' ability to agree, communicate, and cooperate on parenting issues

  • Each parent’s willingness to accept custody and any history of unwillingness to allow parenting time not based on substantiated abuse

  • The child’s interaction and relationship with parents and siblings

  • Any history of domestic violence

  • The safety of the child and either parent from physical abuse by the other parent

  • The preference of a child who is old enough to make an intelligent decision

  • The stability of each parent’s home environment

  • The quality and continuity of the child's education

  • How close the parents live to each other

  • The extent and quality of the time each parent spent with the child both before and since the separation

  • Each parent’s employment responsibilities

  • The ages and number of the children


Most importantly, I’m firmly committed to putting the needs of your children first in all family law matters. While I always start by attempting to reach a favorable result without the need for a painful and expensive court battle, I am equally prepared to go to trial to protect your interests and that of your child.

I know that you may be anxious or even afraid about your case. I also understand that this may be the first time you’ve ever needed an attorney. With that in mind, I offer compassionate, confidential and timely responses to your inquiries, keeping in touch with you throughout the process so you always know where you stand.

As previously noted, I have extensive experience in family law, which benefits my clients with the most positive outcomes, both in terms of financial results and custody and support of children. Working in a smaller firm enables me to provide you with two critical things that a medium-sized or large firm generally doesn’t offer:

  1. Compassion and unparalleled accessibility

  2. Affordability

Trust me when I tell you that I am tenacious. I will not stop until I deliver the optimal results that you deserve.

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