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Foreman Law has extensive experience in handling divorce cases, and we pride ourselves on delivering a unique combination of compassionate and tenacious representation. Before diving into the specifics of how we can help you with your case, here is some key background information pertaining to divorce law in the state of New Jersey.


A divorce is the legal ending of a marriage – it’s really that simple. Every state has different legal requirements in terms of how to finalize a divorce, but no matter where you are, all require a judge to review and approve the divorce settlement. Often a judge will decide how assets and property are divided, and how parenting time is shared.

In New Jersey, one spouse must live in the state for at least one year before filing for divorce. The plaintiff, or filing party, files a Complaint for Divorce in the Superior Court of the county in which the plaintiff resides at the time of the cause of action.

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New Jersey is an equitable division state. This means the state makes a determination for the distribution of property and assets based on factors that include, but are not restricted to:

  • The length/duration of the marriage

  • The age and health (physical and emotional) of the parties

  • The income or property brought to the marriage by each party

  • The economic situation of each party at the time the division of property becomes effective

  • The standard of living established during the marriage

  • Any written agreement made by the parties before or during the marriage concerning an arrangement of property distribution

  • The contribution by each party to the education, training, or earning power of the other

  • The debts and liabilities of the parties

  • The extent to which a party deferred achieving his/her goals

  • Any other factors the court may deem relevant


First and foremost, you may be thinking to yourself, “We can handle this without a lawyer” in an effort to save money. I get it. But in the overwhelming majority of cases, optimal results for the good of the entire family are obtained when an attorney represents each party. In a solid, collaborative divorce, the husband, wife, and attorneys meet one or more times to define the issues, explore alternatives, and then come to an agreement.

And then, there are cases where there is contention. Often it can get very heated. In these cases you clearly need to be represented by an attorney: Someone like myself who can handle any situation that is put in front of him.

I have extensive experience in family law, which benefits my clients with the most positive outcomes, both in terms of financial results and custody and support of children. Working in a smaller firm enables me to provide you with two critical things that a medium-sized or large firm generally doesn’t offer:

  1. Compassion and unparalleled accessibility

  2. Affordability

Trust me when I tell you that I am tenacious. I will not stop until I deliver the optimal results that you deserve.

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My law office is based in Roseland, New Jersey. I serve all New Jersey Counties including Essex, Morris, Bergen, Passaic, Hudson, Sussex, Warren, Union, Middlesex, Ocean, Monmouth and any other county I am needed.

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