Law Offices Of Paul S. Foreman in New Jersey specializes post divorce disputes


Foreman Law has extensive experience in handling post-divorce disputes, which are sometimes inevitable, even after successful divorce settlements are reached. This is often the result of the complexity of life, and changing circumstances, which include, but are not restricted to:

post divorce disputes
  • Terms of the initial divorce no longer reflecting the reality of the family’s life

  • Illness

  • Job loss, or a change in job status

  • One party’s desire to move

  • Issues of religious upbringing

  • A desire to change parenting time and/or responsibilities

  • Any change in needs

Post-divorce disputes, commonly referred to as post-judgment or post-decree matters, include enforcement of divorce judgments and orders as well as modifications of those judgments. Enforcement actions may become necessary when circumstances, like the aforementioned above, cause a party to be late in paying support, create problems with visitation, or do not fulfill a duty imposed by the court or agreed to in a settlement agreement.

It’s always my hope that these situations can be resolved amicably. But at the end of the day, if your former spouse is not following the final judgment or settlement agreement regarding property settlement terms, custody or support, I am here to help! In legal terms: Together, we will seek enforcement through the court by filing a post-judgment motion for enforcement. The court will then compel the non-complying party to abide by the terms of the final judgment or agreement. If the party doesn’t follow the terms of the agreement, the court can issue a contempt order against the non-complying party. It can also order the non-complying party to pay your court costs.


Most importantly, I’m firmly committed to putting the needs of your children first. While I always start by attempting to reach a favorable result without the need for a painful and expensive engagement, I am equally prepared to go to court to protect your interests and that of your child.

Secondly, I have extensive experience in this area of family law, which benefits my clients with the most positive outcomes, both in terms of financial results and support of your children. Working in a smaller firm enables me to provide you with two critical things that a medium-sized or large firm generally doesn’t offer:

  1. Compassion and unparalleled accessibility

  2. Affordability

Trust me when I tell you that I am tenacious. I will not stop until I deliver the optimal results that you deserve.

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My law office is based in Roseland, NJ. I serve all New Jersey Counties including Essex, Morris, Bergen, Passaic, Hudson, Sussex, Warren, Union, Middlesex, Ocean, Monmouth and any other county I am needed.

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